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Tofu may be substituted for eggs

chefBreakfasts come with one of the following: a pancake, French toast, fresh fruit, hash browns, home fries, grits, or cottage cheese. Add toast $1.75 – Biscuit, tortilla or English muffin $2.00.  Egg whites only option available for $1.50. Irish Potatoes $1.75, sausage gravy on potatoes $2.25, or cheddar on taters available $2.25.

Most items can be modified to vegetarian – substitute tofu or veggie sausage with no upcharge.





Two eggs with ham, bacon, sausage, burger patty, tofu, linguica, Spam, veggie or chicken apple sausage

Either two fresh x-large eggs cooked to order or your choice of protein from above list

1/2 Alibi


Big Lebowski


One egg with spam, Virginia pit ham, crispy bacon, country sausage, chicken apple or veg sausage

Alibi breakfast and choice of a short stack of pancakes, waffle, 2 French toast, or 2 biscuits and gravy

Hangtown Fry


Breakfast Burrito


A California classic with oysters and green onions scrambled in eggs and topped with bacon

Bacon, ham, sausage, onion, American cheese, and 3 scrambled eggs in a wheat wrap

Blue Lake


Stick to Your Ribs


Two scrambled eggs on a biscuit smothered in hollandaise and gravy topped with crisp bacon

Sausage patty on a warm biscuit with scrambled eggs and country gravy

Chicken Fried Steak


Vegan Burrito


Alibi favorite with two x-large eggs cooked to order and smothered in breakfast gravy

Broccoli, onions, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and tofu in whole wheat wrap

8oz. Sirlion & Eggs        $17.25

12oz. New York & Eggs    –    $24.55

Pork Chop & Eggs        $13.65


Try our pesto instead of hollandaise sauce

Country Ben Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage, melted cheddar and mushrooms on a muffin    –    $14.60

Eggs Benedict Canadian bacon or veg sausage, poached eggs on English muffin with hollandaise    –    $14.65

Eggs Florentine Spinach on an English muffin with poached eggs and drenched in hollandaise    –    $13.35

Vegetarian English muffin under fresh tomatoes and poached eggs topped with hollandaise and avocado    –    $14.20

Omelets and Scramblers

Alibi Joe




Sausage, steamed spinach, and grilled onions

Steamed spinach, goat cheese, and grilled onions

Apple Jack


Mama Mia


Chicken apple sausage, onions, and jack cheese

Sausage, peppers, marinara, and parmesan



Mex Tex


Guacamole, cheddar, jack cheese, and salsa

Linguica, green onions, pepper jack cheese, and salsa





Choice of ham, bacon or sausage, and cheese

Veggie sausage, broccoli, and hot pepper cheese



Queijo de cabra 


Crisp bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and sour cream

Linguica, local chevre, mushrooms, and onions





Your choice of 2 cheese with fluffy eggs

Bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and American cheese



Shrimp (Crab-seasonal market $)


Chicken breast, blue cheese, bacon, and tomato

Fresh Bay shrimp, green onions, and cheddar cheese





Local chevre, sauteed onions, tomatoes, and pesto

Grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, and fresh salsa



Supreme Veggie


Virginia pit ham, grilled onions, and bell peppers

Mushrooms, onion, peppers, broccoli, avocado, and tomato

Most items above can be modified to vegetarian – substitute tofu or veggie sausage with no upcharge.

House Specialties

(side not included)

Biscuits & Gravy Homemade buttermilk biscuits drenched in sausage gravy    –    1 for $4.75 or 2 for $8.65

French Connection Bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs on a waffled with melted Swiss cheese    –    $17.20

Humboldt Waffle Veggie sausage, green onions, broccoli, scrambled eggs, and shredded jack cheese    –    $17.20

My Oh My Chicken fried steak or Bocca covered in breakfast gravy with two eggs on a Belgian waffle    –    $18.65

Chicken Strips and Belgian Waffle   –    $17.45

Sweet Stuff

Agave or Organic Maple Syrup $2.50. Sugar free syrup available.

Pancake    –    $4.40

French Toast (1)    –  $4.75

Blueberries    –    $3.60

Short Stack    –    $7.35

French Toast  (2)   –    $8.15

Chocolate Chips    –    $3.00

Mickey    –    $3.90

Belgian Waffle    –    $9.85

Peanut Butter    –    $2.60

Breakfast Sides

X-large Egg    –    $2.50

Toast    –    $1.75

Tortilla, biscuit, or English muffin    –    $2.00

Sausage Gravy   –    $3.25

Pesto Sauce    –    $3.75

Hollandaise Sauce    –    $3.75

Hash browns or Home fries    –    $4.25

Cottage cheese or fresh fruit    –    $4.25

Chicken Fried Steak    –    $6.30

Bacon, linguica, sausage, ham, burger, tofu, spam, veg or chicken apple sausage    –    $5.20

Don’t forget the Bloody Mary menu, or if Mary isn’t your bag try a mimosa or pomosa.

Drinks: Local Kinetic Koffee, Hot Cocoa, Cider, Local Kombucha, Hot Tea, cows or rice milk and the following juices: apple, clamato, cranberry, orange, pink grapefruit, pomegranate, or tomato.

Sorry the Alibi does not accept checks. $15 minimum on credit cards charge. All substitutions $2 or additional charge if applicable. We are here to please you. Let us know about any dietary restrictions.

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