Wrap It Up

Items on this menu come with choice of: french fries, onion rings, coleslaw, cottage cheese or fresh fruit. Add a house salad or soup $3.50. Substitute house salad or soup $2.00; a la carte option available subtract $1.50.

Items can be modified to vegetarian

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Wrap It Up

salad option also available without tortilla

Athens Grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumbers, fresh spinach, and vinaigrette in a chipotle tortilla    –    $12.10

Arcatan Cypress Grove chevre, grilled mushrooms, house made pesto, sauteed, spinach, and smoked tofu in a whole wheat tortilla    –    $12.45

Asian Ahi Seared Ahi tuna, cucumbers, carrots, leafy greens, sprouts with Asian citrus dressing in a whole wheat tortilla    –    $13.55

Buffalo Chicken strips in wing sauce, tomatoes, celery, red onions, mixed greens, and blue cheese dressing in a chipotle wrap    –    $12.15

Caesar Hearts of romaine tossed with Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, and croutons in a whole wheat tortilla (option to add chicken)    –    $11.35

Chickadee Breaded chicken breast, local chevre, toasted pecans with mixed green, and chili-orange sauce in a chipotle tortilla    –    $12.75

Dalg-gogi Grilled chicken breast, Korean BBQ sauce, pickled onions, cabbage, carrots, and sprouts in a spicy chipotle tortilla    –    $12.10

Fish Taco Panko breaded cod or calamari or catfish, chipotle mayo, lettuce, red onion, cabbage, and tomato in a chipotle tortilla    –    $12.45

Garden Smoked local tofu, cucumbers, red onion, carrots, tomato, broccoli, leafy greens, and sprouts in a vinaigrette-whole wheat tortilla    –    $11.75

Gaucho Roast beef, Pit ham, in house pesto, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and jack cheese in a chipotle tortilla    –    $12.85

Humboldt Breaded chicken breast, leafy greens, tomatoes,  red onion, and jack cheese om a chipotle tortilla – ranch dressing    –    $11.65

Plaza Crisp bacon, roasted turkey, chevre, avocado, tomatoes, and green leaf lettuce in whole wheat tortilla – agave-dijon    –    $12.95

Surfer Club Turkey or tofu, avocado, two slices of jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, sprouts, and mayo in a whole wheat tortilla    –    $12.55

Texarkana Roasted turkey or tofu, jalapenos, green onions, salsa, sour cream, tomato, and jack cheese in a chipotle tortilla    –    $12.40

Thai Style Grilled chicken breast, sprouts, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, and red onions in a chipotle wrap – Thai peanut sauce    –    $12.40

Vesuvius Sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions, kalamatas, and pepperoncini with marinara and mozzarella in a whole wheat tortilla    –    $11.35

Sorry the Alibi does not accept checks. $15 minimum on credit cards charge. All substitutions $2 or additional charge if applicable. We are here to please you. Let us know about any dietary restrictions.

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